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Consulting Services

Original Four Zero Three can help with your retail cannabis, liquor and non alcoholic licensing process and more.
Utilizing years of experience and connections to maximize your business’ profitability. We listen to you and your 'why" to get you to your goal. 

Liquor Licensing/ Production 

We will take the stress out of the licensing process. We will guide and help with: 

  • Licence class, agency and contract liquor production

  • Personal information required.

  • Advising on prohibited relationships prior to licensing. 

  • Criminal records check for the owner and/or partner

  • Floor plan review 

  • Business plan review

  • Food service details (if applicable)

  • Fire safety inspections 

  • Patio details (if applicable)

  • Sources of funding

  • Municipal government approval process

  • Proserve/SellSafe and other service training for alcohol and cannabis. 


We have helped restaurants, bars, pubs, breweries, distilleries deal with complex issues and become profitable. 

Let us help you see through the trees. 

  • One on one  site review of current operations 

  • Advice on new revenue streams

  • Covert check-up program on operations

Non-Alcoholic water product

We can help with: 

  • Business plan review

  • Federal, Provincial compliance review

  • Contract packaging  referral

  • Retail advice 

Liquor Retail/On-premise

We help with:


  • Floor plan review and layout

  • Policy and procedures recommendations (on-premise or retail)

  • Compliance check-up (on-premise or retail)

  • Pre/Post Inspection of premise 

  • Representation in case of provincial violation.

  • Covert check-up on operations 


We can help with: 

  • Business plan review

  • Pre/Post Inspection for compliance of provincial policy 

  • Regulatory interpretation of policy

  • Covert check-up on store operations


Previously worked with Government , have worked with thousands of licensees from pubs to producers. 

identify problems

Sometimes employees are too close to a problem inside an organization to identify it.

supplement staff

Sometimes a business discovers that it can save thousands of dollars a week by hiring consultants when they are needed, rather than hiring full-time employees. 

act as a catalyst

Sometimes change is needed, and a consultant may be brought in to "get the ball rolling"