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Non alcoholic 




Hopped, Carbonated Water. 

Original Four Zero Three Sparkling Hopped Water is a refreshing take on sustainability and taste. Our canned water is brewed with botanical hops like ones found in beer, then flavored with natural fruit flavors. The end result is crisp and flavorful. 

It stands on its own as a water cocktail and also pairs well with your favorite Gin, Vodka or Tequila. 



The Journey 

I worked in the manufacturing industry in alberta from 2013-2020 exclusively helping Class E (small breweries etc.) manufacturers  in Southern Alberta. I licenced and regulated the liquor industry in Southern Alberta during this time. 


Having seen the industry grow and having the opportunity to be beside everyone as they grew has been awesome. The passion and drive I observed was a statement on how dedicated the industry is to providing quality. 


I work with the best producers to make unique products. I look forward to bringing my experience and vision to the industry and helping new producers entering the industry with first hand knowledge of the licencing process and production methods.


"Bringing Alberta the Best" 




Some of the places you can find Original Four Zero Three 


Water Locations

Direct delivery via email or direct message through Instagram. 


  • Balzac Brewing 

  • Railyard Brewery 

  • Common Crown 

  • Ol' Beautiful Brewing

  • Collective Craft Beer 

  • Silver Springs Liquor 

  • Sheepdog Brewing 

  • Canmore Brewing

  • Whispering Dutchman Distillery

  • Brie and Banquet 

  • SPUD 


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